Burke's Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves

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The wolves of Alpha Burke Chastain’s pack family have escaped slavery to begin a new life. Despite their success in creating a home that was safe from their tormentor, their lives were filled with loneliness. Each man ached for his destined mate. They needed to find the path that would lead them to the miracle of love.

It was only when the goddess Lanaya appeared to Burke to tell him that a group of men from the hidden plane of Tuath needed their help that they would each find the man meant for him. Happiness would finally be theirs. Their mates would gift them with love, acceptance, and cubs.

Novel 1

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LM Dreams

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Burke's Law

Release Date: January 22, 2016

Alpha Burke Chastain has his rules, and his rules were law. All must obey them for the safety of the pack family and their friends. His men respect and love him, but he has no tenderness in his life. Having a mate of his own was something he knew was never meant to be.

Dane Quinn is from the hidden plane of Tuath. He has escaped from the breeder stable where men were enslaved for the sole purpose of providing heirs to the highest bidder. He aches to find his true match and have a family with the man that he hoped to love.

With the guidance of the goddess Lanaya, Burke helps save the men of Tuath. He is drawn to Dane—the man who is destined to be his mate. He must put aside his alpha ways and understand that all rules are negotiable, or he will risk losing the man who will bring kindness, love, and cubs into his life.

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Novel 2

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LM Dreams

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Weston's Healing

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Weston Lindell is Alpha Burke Chastain’s pack healer who holds great guilt within him. He has spent his life trying to atone for his failure to save his younger brother. His compassion and healing knowledge help others—but he truly believes that he doesn’t deserve to be loved. He will fail his mate, just as he had failed his brother.

Jym Alden is a breeder from Tuath who lost his true match to sickness a long time ago, despite how hard he had tried to heal him. He never thought he would find another who was destined to be his—until he met Weston. Weston’s kindness touches Jym’s soul and fills his heart with love.

Both men have found new hope for happiness with each other. They need to take the chance to move forward and create a life filled with love, joy, and the children that they had seen in their shared visions. But first—they both need to heal.

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Gordon's Gift

Release Date: To Be Announced

I am currently working on Gordon and Ayden's Love Story.

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