Prince Daxton and the Geek

Royal Mates, Love's Diamond ~ Novel 3

Novel 3

Prince Daxton and the Geek

Bryce St. John is a shy man—a geek who lives in his world of computers. After surviving a date attack, he is afraid to trust and is afraid of intimacy. He refuses to risk his heart or his safety by choosing the wrong man again.

Prince Daxton Sorenson is a soldier assigned to protect and learn from the powerful, royal seer Mohar from the time he was a young man. Seeing Bryce on the baseball field, he realizes he has found his aheri. When Bryce panics and flees, Daxton is heartbroken.

Daxton is patient and loving, and Bryce soon finds himself completely smitten. When Mohar arrives to take Daxton back to Sanzel, Dax is injured. Bryce has had enough. He is one seriously pissed off mate who will do what he must to find and protect his man. He is not about to give up on the loving future and the houseful of babies that Dax has promised him.

Prince Daxton and the Geek

is not available at this time.

It is currently being revised and re-edited for future publication.


Bryce looked at Dax’s wrist, wishing he could see what both Archie and Dax said was there. He wanted to see his name on Dax’s wrist. He wanted to belong to the man who held him so gently and spoke to him with such kindness and caring.

Bryce’s heart hurt from the loneliness he had suffered. He wanted a committed relationship and a family with someone who would honor and respect him with sincere caring. He wanted a husband to spoil and love and maybe raise a few kids with. He really believed that Dax was the man who was meant to be his. He didn’t understand how he knew it, but he did know it down to his very bones. He wanted to make a life with Dax. He somehow knew that Dax would be the one to help him, for the first time in his life, know real love and be comfortable with intimacy.

“I don’t understand any of this,” Bryce told him, pulling back just slightly to look down at Dax. “I just know that being with you feels right.”

“It is,” Dax said firmly. “Understand this, Bryce. If we make love, our bond will be permanent. If you have any question at all that we should not be together from this moment forward, do not initiate this. Once we make love, you will be mine and I will be yours. Forever.”

“Is that what you want, Dax?”

“Yes, aheri.”



Bryce looked at Dax to judge his sincerity. What he saw in Dax’s eyes made him know that Dax was completely sincere in his words. Somehow, the intensity in Dax’s eyes made Bryce know that he was not thought of as someone who was a quick hook up to be thrown away. Dax was looking for a permanent, committed relationship. With him.

“Dax, do you promise to be faithful to me?” Bryce asked gently, needing the reassurance.

“I will want no other,” Daxton answered firmly. “I promise to bond myself to you with my heart, my soul, and my body. I will cherish you and protect you with my life, Bryce.”

Bryce was overwhelmed with the intensity of Dax’s words. They sure sounded like the words that would be spoken at a wedding ceremony. What Dax spoke so true from his heart made Bryce know that this man held him in high reverence, and Dax was sincere in his feelings.

“I believe you,” he said finally, smiling when he saw the relief in Dax’s eyes.

“Please accept my heart and commitment to you, Bryce,” Daxton said softly. “Please agree to be my mate. I want us to begin our life together.”

Bryce looked at Dax silently and searched his heart. That moment of connection that had healed him had also given him an insight into Dax’s thoughts and feelings. The healing power that Dax had filled him with had also instilled the knowledge of the honesty of the man and the bonding. He could feel the emotions that filled this unique man. He could feel the desire, the need, and the commitment that made up Dax’s nature.

Bryce smiled as he leaned forward to kiss Dax’s lips lightly. “I don’t know how or why, but I feel the same way even though this is happening so fast.”

“I understand, my love,” Daxton said softly. “I will wait for you to be ready to accept this.”

“Tell me what we have to do to bond ourselves to each other,” Bryce whispered.

“Is that what you want, Bryce?”

“Yeah. I don’t know why I feel so sure about it, but I guess I do,” he admitted softly. “Archie told me that he felt the connection to Magnus right away. He told me that I would feel the same quick connection to you, and that I should trust the feeling because you were the man who would love me.”

“Archer is correct, Bryce,” Daxton told him, his voice deep with sincerity. “When we meet the person meant for us, the need to bond with our destined mate is very strong. I must be honest with you and tell you that I want to complete our mating very much, my love. I promise I will always treat you with respect and kindness.” He smiled slowly, leaning forward and kissing Bryce’s forehead lightly. “And I will want to touch and make love to you all the time. You are tempting me beyond my control with your body.”

Bryce laughed softly. “Yeah, right. My scrawny body is driving you crazy.”

Daxton pulled back and looked down at Bryce in surprise before anger filled him. “Do you not realize how much you affect me?” he asked, reaching out and taking Bryce’s hand in his and pulling it firmly toward his groin. He pressed his mate’s palm against his erection. “Do you feel how much I want you? Do you doubt that you make me ache for you?”

Bryce’s breath caught in his throat as he felt the hard ridge of Dax’s cock as it pressed against his palm. He couldn’t help but cup him and squeeze lightly, loving the soft moan that left Dax’s lips as he caressed him.

“Dax, I want to bond with you,” Bryce whispered.

“In order to complete the bonding, you must fill me with your seed, and I must fill you with mine,” Daxton explained gently, pulling Bryce’s hand from his groin and kissing it lightly. “Once we have filled each other with our life’s essence, the markings on our wrists will be visible to you, and you will know that we are mates—for all time.” His eyes were filled with hope as he looked at his aheri.

“Is that what you want, Dax?” Bryce asked him, his voice barely audible. “I need to know that you want this. I don’t want this to be something you think we should do just because my name is on your wrist. It could be some kind of fluke.”

“What is a fluke, Bryce?” Daxton asked, his forehead furrowed in confusion.

“An accident. A coincidence,” Bryce explained. “There could be other reasons why this has happened. There might be someone else out there for you. I just happened to be here. I may just be convenient.”

“No,” Daxton growled, grabbing for Bryce’s face and holding it firmly within his grip. “You are not convenient, an accident, or a coincidence, aheri. What you are is mine.”

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