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Murdock's Coven, My Beloved ~ Novel 1

Novel 1

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Murdock's Mate

Avaliable: February 2017

Murdock Whitfield is the powerful leader of his coven. He rules with authority and fairness. No one questions his strength or his decisions. Unfortunately, the knowledge he possesses has sentenced him to a life of loneliness. His mother’s vision had foretold that his beloved would die because of his love. He refuses to allow that to happen.

Alec Quinn has escaped the breeding stable of Tuath with his brother and their friends. He hopes to find the one man who is his true match. He is drawn to Murdock’s kindness and tenderness, knowing within his heart that Murdock was destined to be his, and would be a loving father to their babies.

Murdock has no choice. He has to reject Alec—even though not having Alec in his life will destroy him. He can’t risk the safety of the man he loves. Challenging fate was dangerous. Was it too much to hope that their love would save them both?

Author’s Note:

While Murdock’s Mate is the first book in the Murdock’s Coven, My Beloved series, it is suggested that Burke’s Law, the first book in Burke’s         Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves series be read first for continuity.

Release Date: February 26, 2017

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Murdock squeezed Alec’s fingers briefly, his words settling within his heart and filling him with warmth. He looked at Alec with such seriousness, he knew he was making him uncomfortable, but he had to say what he was thinking.

“Alec, I don’t think I know what you need,” he said finally.

“I need what every man needs, Murdock,” Alec said gently. “I need to feel like I belong. I need to feel that I matter.”

“You matter.”

The vehemence in Murdock’s voice was surprising to Alec. As much as he hoped and prayed for the closeness he wanted with Murdock, he never really thought Murdock saw him as being worthy of having as a mate.

He pulled his hand free from Murdock’s hold, sat back in his chair, and took a calming breath. It was all well and good that Murdock said that he mattered, but it left a gaping hole in his heart. It was one thing to be regarded as mattering. It was quite another to be told that he was loved.

He waited silently for Murdock to say something more. When he remained silent, Alec gave up hope that this night would be what they needed to move forward in their relationship and in their love. A one-sided love was not love. It was heartbreak.

“Gordon brought me to a very nice shop in Abrigar,” Alec said instead, steering the conversation toward safer things. He wanted it to be a nice evening, even if it didn’t result in the closeness that he craved with Murdock.

“Were you fortunate enough to sample some of Loughlin’s cooking?” Murdock asked, knowing exactly where Gordon had to have taken Alec.

“I did. I also saw how hard he worked. I didn’t like that he was more tired than any person should ever be. I would like to help him somehow.”

“How would you help?” Murdock asked, knowing that even through the sadness that he could see surrounding his beloved, Alec was again putting his concern for others before himself.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

“Alec. You’re a good man. I’m proud to know you.”

Alec smiled sadly. He shook his head and pushed his plate away from himself. He was finished—in more ways than one. He stood and walked over to the hearth, touching the mantle to keep himself steady as he looked into the glowing stones before him.

He heard the scrape of Murdock’s chair and knew that his mate had stood and was walking toward him. He could actually feel the powerful magic that was so much a part of him as he came up behind him. It surrounded him in a protective embrace—just as he wished Murdock would do with his strong arms.

Alec turned around and faced Murdock, steeling himself for the conversation he had no choice but to have. It was time.

“I have one question for you, Murdock,” Alec said finally.

Murdock remained silent. Alec lost himself in the blueness of his mate’s eyes. He gathered as much strength as he could muster and stood with pride before him. It bothered him that he saw something very much like pity within those eyes. He would not be pitied.

“Why don’t you want me?” he asked finally, his voice strong.


“Why don’t you want me?” Alec repeated.

Murdock felt a wave of possessiveness wash over him. His entire body heated up with power as he stepped closer to the only man he had ever wanted so fiercely in his life.

He pressed his body against Alec’s, pushing him against the mantle of the hearth, and framing his face between his hands. He couldn’t help but be filled with need. Being this close to his beloved, pressing against him, and holding his handsome face, was enough to make him snap.

“I want you so much, I ache,” he admitted, his voice raspy. “Every morning, every evening, every moment in between—I want you.”

Alec was struck by the intensity of Murdock’s emotions. His true match’s eyes were swirling blue and silver and were glistening with moisture. His normally white glow of magic that was edged with gold that surrounded his body was bright with red sparks. Was it from anger? Alec didn’t think so. He dared to believe that it was from the passion that Murdock was experiencing. For him.

“There’s nothing more that I want. I think of nothing but how much I need you. Your scent, your laugh, your gentle heart, all surround me with warmth. You twist me into a mess of emotions. All I can think about is having you,” Murdock said, slipping his hands around Alec’s neck and rubbing the pads of his thumbs over the pulse points there. “I want you so damned much I can’t breathe.”

Alec had had enough. It was time to see this through or end it. He looked at Murdock with righteous indignation. He threw down the challenge that would determine not only this evening, but their future.

“Then take me.”

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