Murdock's Coven, My Beloved

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The men of Murdock’s coven were captured, enslaved, and forced to endure a life of isolation and brutality. With the help of Burke’s pack, they escaped the cruelty of their captors and gained their freedom. Together, they forged a new life in a new community that they established to protect all of them. Life was good for them, but it was also lonely. Finding the one who was destined to be their beloved was what each of the men hoped for

The goddess Lanaya appears to them to tell them about a group of men from the hidden plane of Tuath who were in danger and needed their help. They are honor-bound to help rescue them. Lanaya knows that these men from Tuath will play an important role in the lives of the men she has taken within her heart to care for and protect. The men of Murdock’s coven and Burke’s pack are meant to share their journey through life with the men from Tuath in order to achieve their destiny—a future filled with love, happiness, and children.

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Murdock's Mate

Release Date: February 26, 2017

Murdock Whitfield is the powerful leader of his coven. He rules with authority and fairness. No one questions his strength or his decisions. Unfortunately, the knowledge he possesses has sentenced him to a life of loneliness. His mother’s vision had foretold that his beloved would die because of his love. He refuses to allow that to happen.

Alec Quinn has escaped the breeding stable of Tuath with his brother and their friends. He hopes to find the one man who is his true match. He is drawn to Murdock’s kindness and tenderness, knowing within his heart that Murdock was destined to be his, and would be a loving father to their babies.

Murdock has no choice. He has to reject Alec—even though not having Alec in his life will destroy him. He can’t risk the safety of the man he loves. Challenging fate was dangerous. Was it too much to hope that their love would save them both?

Author’s Note:

While Murdock’s Mate is the first book in the Murdock’s Coven, My Beloved series, it is suggested that Burke’s Law, the first book in Burke’s Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves series be read first for continuity.

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Novel 2

Julain's Mate

Release Date: To Be Announced

I am currently working on Julian and Haron's Love Story.

It will be a while before it's ready for release.

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