Weston's Healing

Burke's Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves ~ Novel 2

Novel 2

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Weston's Healing

Weston Lindell is Alpha Burke Chastain’s pack healer who holds great guilt within him. He has spent his life trying to atone for his failure to save his younger brother. His compassion and healing knowledge help others—but he truly believes that he doesn’t deserve to be loved. He will fail his mate, just as he had failed his brother.

Jym Alden is a breeder from Tuath who lost his true match to sickness a long time ago, despite how hard he had tried to heal him. He never thought he would find another who was destined to be his—until he met Weston. Weston’s kindness touches Jym’s soul and fills his heart with love.

Both men have found new hope for happiness with each other. They need to take the chance to move forward and create a life filled with love, joy, and the children that they had seen in their shared visions. But first—they both need to heal.

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“Why didn’t you lie down and get comfortable until I came back to you?” Weston asked as he closed the door behind him and walked toward Jym to stand directly in front of him.

Jym looked at Weston, confused. He had been so wrapped up in his thoughts, he hadn’t really been aware that he hadn’t moved since Weston had left the room.

Thinking about it for a moment, he realized that it had to be because he was still reeling from the kisses that Weston had given him. It was more than just how amazing he was as a kisser—and he was definitely more than amazing as a kisser. It was that Weston’s sudden desire to be close to him in that way completely stunned and confused him.

“Wes,” he said quietly, reaching out and touching his forearm, hesitant to be so bold. He didn’t know if Weston welcomed his touch. Well, as of just moments ago, he knew he did, but he couldn’t understand why or what had happened to make Wes want him.

“What, baby?”

Jym took a slow, calming breath, trying to focus himself. When Weston called him that, he felt something flutter within his stomach. He tried really hard not to get swept away by that feeling of excitement. It was important that he remain calm and be completely realistic. He honestly didn’t think he could survive if he gave his heart and body to Weston, and then have Weston change his mind and walk away.

“I don’t understand,” Jym whispered.

“What don’t you understand?”

Jym huffed in frustration. He sat down on the bed and wiped at his face tiredly, wincing as the pain in his left shoulder flared to life.

“You can just leave the oil for me,” Jym said calmly. “You don’t need to stay. I’m capable of taking care of myself.”

Weston knelt down in front of him, placing the small container of medicinal oil beside Jym on the bed before reaching out and resting his hands upon Jym’s thighs.

“I’m very aware that you’re able to take care of yourself,” he said gently. “I also know that you take care of everyone else in our family.” He hesitated a moment, looking into the wariness of Jym’s beautiful blue eyes. “I know you don’t trust me to be sincere in what I’m feeling.”

“What are you feeling?”

Weston laughed softly, shaking his head sadly as he felt the mistrust radiating from his mate. He didn’t blame him one bit for not believing in him.

“I know I’ve given you cause not to trust me with your feelings,” he admitted honestly. “I can only tell you that I didn’t trust myself to keep you safe.”

“Why would you think you needed to keep me safe? My friends and I are strong enough to protect ourselves and each other. We’ve survived the brutality of the owner of the breeder stable. We’ve survived being taken from our families and the horror of watching them die when they tried to help us. Each of us has looked out for the other and has made certain that no one got sick or died. We offered each other comfort when one of us was sold off to breed with a man who meant nothing to us and took what we weren’t willing to give. I don’t think that’s something a weak man could do. Do you?”

The anger that filled Jym in that moment flashed around him in a brilliant display of red. He tried to move away from Weston, but his true match’s hold on his thighs only tightened, keeping him exactly where he was. The flash of golden that lit Weston’s eyes told him that his wolf was very much present at the moment.

“Don’t tell me that you’ll protect me, Wes,” he told him very seriously. “If you’re going to be with me, bond with me, and create a future with me, you’re going to have to understand that we’ll be a team who will look out for each other. You’re not in charge of me. You don’t need to take care of me. If you think that, get yourself up off your knees and leave this room right now, because that’s not what I think mating with someone means.”

The slow smile that Weston gave him not only confused him, it infuriated him. When Weston stood up, Jym thought for certain that Wes would give in to his temper, turn around, and leave. To Jym’s complete surprise, Weston did none of those things.

“I know that you’re strong, Jym,” Weston said after a moment. “I know you possess great resolve and fortitude. I also know that you’ve healed anyone who needed your help and have protected everyone you’ve met.”

He clenched his hands at his sides, determined to keep himself from touching Jym again unless he was invited to do so. He would not be like one of the men from Tuath who bid on the men who were born breeders and who used their bodies to create a child without care for the men who bore them.

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